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  • This site will be integrated to the new tihku.net soon.

  • I continued mapping once again! I also decided a name for my first map release: the former cs_metro will be called cs_dawntown. The middle building is now a hotel, with a bar, and the skybox scenery is finished. Still need to do some play testing and so on but the beta-version might be coming soon... :)

  • I have a new server machine now, so the cs-server might be on more often. As fas as mapping goes, I haven't made much progress.. Perhaps cs_metro will be ready someday this year :)

  • I coded a new system to display the pics of the maps. It's much easier to add pictures now, so expect to see more up-to-date pics from now on.

  • The map cs_metro is almost done now, I'ts only missing the skybox and some finishing.

  • I also got a server computer now. It's only a 900mhz PIII, but I'm going try to run a CS:S server on it at times.

  • I received the computer and continued mapping :) The version of cs_metro is currently alpha45, and the metro is now included.

  • Just a little update to tell you that cs_metro is currently at version 39, so some work has been done. The map isn't ready yet, but I'm going to get my new computer soon and will continue mapping it after that.

  • Updated cs_metro to alpha version 36. It also includes the nav-file now. The map is not far from complete now, the plan is to finish this map first.

  • I got myself a dynamic dns. If you wish to join my server, use the following address: exp.selfip.net:27015

  • I decided to make a proper webpage for my maps. You are looking at it now :)

  • I also decided to release the alpha versions of my maps. This is because for the time being I don't think i have enough free time to continue the work on them, but I have received some positive feedback about them, even though they are unfinished. Please don't upload them anywhere or anything similar. If you like them, encourage me to continue my work on them instead so that one day you will be able to play the finished versions of the maps :)

  • I am also working on a new map called cs_highway (the name of the map will change).

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